Kit London



Leyton | Waltham Forest
Essex House replaces an existing garage and disposal area to the rear. In need of improvement, our proposed scheme introduces an architectural two-bedroom home to bookend the street. By following the street-scene and brick frontage we’re able to create an appearance of width, allowing the dwelling to sit cohesively and consistently within the surrounding context.


KIT London understands that Sustainability is a continuous cycle of research and prototyping systems to deliver high-quality sustainable schemes. Sustainability is carefully considered throughout our developments from conception to completion. Broken down into these 5 stages of development, sustainable innovation sits at the heart of each project. Sourcing, Materiality, Methodology, Usage & Performance and Lifestyle & Wellbeing.


Leyton | Waltham Forest
A corner plot facing a beautiful park with good transport links. We purchased this south facing site and began the process of designing a scheme to benefit the local area and provide much needed housing the borough. Beyond the quality of the design for this scheme, it was important to us for each dwelling to have a usable amenity space with planters designed into the balconies allowing future owners to grow their own produce.


Leytonstone | Waltham Forest
A backland site with scope to provide high quality family housing in a desirable part of Leytonstone, close to both transport links and schools. The site is complex in its form and in the light, it receives. Creating a dwelling that appreciates the existing context, provides modernity and high-quality lifestyle required intricate design and development. 


Leyton | Waltham Forest
A small brownfield site housing a garage and light structure. At 8m2 x 8m2 the complexity of this scheme lies not only in its size but in the surrounding context. We worked very closely with a light surveyor to ensure that the proposed dwelling respects the neighbours and their built environment, providing an innovative and sustainable dwelling without interrupting their light and lifestyle.