Kit London


KIT London is an independent property development firm specialised in working within the confines of compact cities, challenging the material landscape to provide high quality lifestyle within developments.

Through its diversity, London is uniquely placed to challenge traditional ideas of lifestyle within the build environment and so, through the development of infill ‘cracks in the city’ we create bespoke formulas to suit and celebrate our multi-faceted living needs.

KIT London is involved from sourcing sites to delivering each dwelling, through a balance of design, development, strategy and risk. We work side-by-side with land owners, partners, experienced consultants and fabricators to navigate the complexities and constraints of each site.

It’s our goal to ensure that each development creates an impact not just for its future occupiers but for the wider community, to become part of the fabric of this vibrant city.

The intricate and well-thought out design of each development incorporates layers of innovation while still appreciating the context within which it sits.